Contract Data Entry Clerk Job Description

The Minnesota Air National Guard Historical Foundation, Inc. (MANGHF or Foundation) has been awarded a grant from the State of Minnesota, acting through its Adjutant General of the Depart-ment of Military Affairs and its Support Our Troops program. As such, the project must be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the grant award and contract. The person hired for this position will be contracted with the MANGHF and will not be a museum employee. No sick leave, vacation, or medical benefits are provided. Contracted individuals are responsible for their own state and federal income taxes or other fees.

Background Information
The purpose of the MANGHF is to preserve the heritage and traditions of the Minnesota Air Na-tional Guard. The organization operates a museum and library and exhibits 21 historically signifi-cant aircraft. It seeks to engage learners of all ages in understanding the importance of military, commercial, and civil aviation in Minnesota’s past, present, and future. The MANGHF collects aircraft, artifacts and archives related to the Minnesota Air National Guard and the United States Air Force. The Foundation is a volunteer-led organization with only one part-time docent/ tour co-ordinator. A permanent home for its museum and collections is hosted by the 133rd Airlift Wing on the Minnesota Air National Guard Base at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

The MANGHF has been conducting an inventory of its two-dimensional objects (archives) since January 2016. It is estimated that there are approximately 14,000 two-dimensional items in the collection. Since January 2016, approximately 6,000 (or 43%) of the items have been inventoried. Each item inventory creates a data-entry form with specific information that is then entered into an Access data-base. Of these, approximately 3,900 (or 28%) have been entered so far.

Scope of Service

The Foundation seeks a data-entry clerk whose job will be to accurately enter data from source documents into prescribed computer databases. This person will work closely with the Archival Technician Contractor and museum volunteers. The data entry contractor will be compensated at the rate of $15.00 per hour, approximately 3 days/week, with a maximum of 750 hours for the grant period (until September 2017). Work hours can be flexible.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

  • compile and sort documents for data entry
  • transcribe information into required electronic format
  • check completed work for accuracy
  • maintain records of activities and tasks
  • respond to request for information and access relevant files
  • print information when required
  • comply with data integrity and security policies

Education and Experience

  • High school diploma
  • formal computer training an advantage
  • proficiency in relevant computer applications such as MS Office
  • accurate keyboard skills
  • knowledge of correct spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • knowledge of clerical and administrative procedures

Key Competencies

  • planning and organizing
  • information management
  • problem solving
  • attention to detail
  • communication skills
  • confidentiality
  • ability to work under pressure
  • ability to work independently and in a team environment

Access to the Museum

Access to the base requires a valid active duty or retired military ID card. For those without mili-tary IDs or the Enhanced Minnesota Driver’s License, the standard driver’s license must be ac-companied with a current passport or a VA ID card.

Because the museum is located on an active military base, the selected contractor must be a U.S. citizen and will be required to pass a security background check. With the elevation of the Force Protection Condition for the base, access to the military base is controlled. Since September 2016, the Department of Homeland Security has implemented “Real ID” for access to military ba-ses and federal building. Minnesota has not implemented the Real ID requirement yet but it does have an “Enhanced” driver’s license that meets the requirement of Real ID. In order to obtain an enhanced driver’s license, visit for specifics.

In addition to having the proper IDs with which to enter the base, approval to access the base must be granted by base Security Forces in advance. Once this has occurred, you are able to come onto the base. The hired contractor will be provided with an entry badge following comple-tion of the security check.


If you are interested in being considered for this position, please send a resume and cover let-ter to Karen Wolf at Questions can also be directed to this email. The Foundation would like to fill this contract position as soon as possible.