The Giving Tree

A Bridge to the past…A vision for the future

The Giving Tree was established for people to make donations in their name or a loved one’s name on an engraved leaf, acorn or foundation stone. In addition, a memorial tree leaf or stone is a touching way to honor a loved one or a loved one’s memory. You can also have it personalized with engraved messages.

The Giving Tree will “Grow” in the main entry of the Minnesota Air National Guard Museum where it will serve as a permanent record of those who made generous gifts. You are invited to help us spread the tree’s canopy and, in the process, make a AirSpace Minnesota Center possible for this and future generations.

To purchase a leaf, acorn or foundation stone, please call 612-713-2523.

Giving Tree donations

  • Bronze leaf: $100
  • Silver leaf: $150
  • Gold leaf: $200
  • Acorn: $500
  • Foundation stone: $1,000

Engraved messages

  • Leaf: three lines with 25 characters per line
  • Acorn or stone: six lines with 25 characters per line