AirPark at the museum


The Museum Airpark display includes fighters, transports, trainers and helicopters.

Two additional Museum aircraft are located off-site.

Indoor exhibits

The Museum is home to more than 6,000 artifacts and objects, including books, photographs, slides and videos. The collection includes:

  • A chronology of the history of the Minnesota Air National Guard (1921 – Present)
  • An ejection seat from an F-4 Phantom Fighter plane
  • Eva Miller collection of the military life of Brigadier General Ray Miller, Father of the Minnesota Air National Guard
  • Aircraft training simulators – A Link Trainer, a C-97 Aircrew Trainer, Ac-130E Mission Flight simulator and several cockpits from mission aircraft of the MNANG
  • Numerous aircraft engines

Restoration and collection projects

  • C-97
  • Engine coverings
  • C-130 windshields
  • F-102
  • Archival and artifact inventory updating