Brief History

The Jenny was generally used for primary flight training, but some were equipped with machine guns and bomb racks for advanced training.

The Curtiss JN-4H and JNS-1 Jenny was flown by the 109th Observation Squadron from 1922 to 1927. The 109th had nine aircraft in their inventory. The Jenny was the first aircraft assigned the 109th Observation Squadron in 1922. However, before they would receive the “Jenny’s” the Squadron had to move from Curtiss Field in St. Paul to Speedway Field in Minneapolis. The 109th flew out of Speedway Field, a former auto race track. Jenny’s were flown by the 109th through the end of 1927.

The Jenny in the picture, above, is a reproduction constructed by members of the MNANG Air Guard Mu- seum and is hanging in the atrium of the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul.



Manufacturer: Curtiss
Designation: JN-4
Version: H
Name: JN-4H
Nickname: Jenny
Type: NA


Fuselage Length: 27ft. 4in.
Wing Span: 43ft. 7 3/4in.
Height: 9ft. 10 1/2in.


Empty Weight: 1390 lbs.
Max Takeoff Weight: 1,920 lbs.


Power Plant: Curtiss )X-5 Inline piston
Horsepower: 90-hp


Range: 1300 miles
Cruise Speed: 60 mph
Max. Speed: 75 mph
Ceiling: 6,500 ft.