Brief History

The Convair F-102A was a Mach 1.25 fighter designed to serve as an all-weather interceptor. It served during the days of the Cold War and did fly some close-support mission over South Vietnam even though the aircraft was totally unsuited for this role. It was flown by the 179th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron (Duluth, MN) from 1967 to 1972, before converting to the F-101B Voodoo. The 179th Figher-Interceptor Squadron flew air defense missions in the F-102s for more than five years from 1967 to 1972. The “Deuce” was armed with AIM-4 missiles and 2.75″ rockets. The-179th moved into the F-102 in late 1966. By 1970 they had earned the nickname, “The Aces of Deuces,” winning the William Tell Weaponry competition against all other “Deuces” in the USAF. Our F-102 came to us from New York, where it was a “Gate-Guard” on static display atop a 20 foot post.



Manufacturer: Convair
Designation: F-102
Version: A
Name: F-102A Delta Dagger
Nickname: Delta Dagger, Deuce
Type: All weather fighter-interceptor


Fuselage Length: 68ft. 4 1/2in.
Wing Span: 38ft. 1 1/2in.
Height: 28ft. 2 1/2in.


Empty Weight: 19,350 lbs.
Max Takeoff Weight: 24,494 lbs.


Power Plant: Pratt & Whitney J57-P-23 turbojet
Horsepower: 10,200 lbs. thrust to 16,000 lbs. thrust


Range: 1,350 miles
Cruise Speed: 300 mph
Max. Speed: 825 mph (35,000 ft) (Mach 1.25)
Ceiling: 51,800 ft. (combat) 53,400 (service)


6 air-to-air guided missiles—variable mixtures of weapons AIM-4C/D Falcons – 24 unguided 2.75 in. EFARS