Brief History

The T-28 “Trojan” was the only the only trainer assigned as a mission aircraft to Air National Guard units. The piston powered T-28 served with four squadrons while those units awaited completion of runway lengthening at their bases to convert from the F-51D’s to jet fighters. This was strictly an interim aircraft for the 109th FIS enabling its flight crews to maintain their proficiency and improve their instrument flying technique. The 109th FIS flew this aircraft in 1956-57. To do their transition to the new jet F-94 they would go to Duluth or to Volk Field, Wisconsin to do their flying.



Manufacturer: North American
Designation: T-28
Version: A
Name: T-28A
Nickname: Trojan
Type: 2 Seat Advanced Trainer (w/COIN)


Fuselage Length: 32ft. 9in.
Wing Span: 40ft. 6in.
Height: 12ft. 8in.


Empty Weight: 6,424 lbs.
Max Takeoff Weight: 8,600 lbs.


Power Plant: Wright Cyclone R-1820, 9-cylinder radial
Horsepower: 1,425-hp


Range: 1,060 miles
Cruise Speed: 235 mph
Max. Speed: 343 mph
Ceiling: 35,500 ft.


None – However it was used in Vietnam by the Vietnamese Air Force in a Counter-insurgency role.