Schedule tours and events

The museum offers an ideal environment for private tours and special events, including birthday parties, weddings, reunions, retirement parties or other celebrations.

To schedule a tour call 612-713-2523 or email Stan Christianson at stanangmuseum@gmail.comTours must be scheduled 7 days in advance for security purposes….. NO EXCEPTIONS!

To schedule a special event or birthday party, please call or email Nancy Wilson at
612-458-8012 or Special events must be scheduled 14 days in advance for security purposes….. NO EXCEPTIONS!

REQUIRED INFORMATION for booking a tour, birthday party or special events
  • FIRST, MIDDLE, LAST name for each adult in the group
  • Valid government issued photo ID number for each adult 18 and older. Bring valid IDs with you to the event.
    • Active or retired military ID or
    • Enhanced driver’s license or
    • Regular driver’s license and current U.S. passport (not expired)
  • Date of Birth for each adult
  • Number of children in the group

Museum schedule

There are two basic ways for the general public to visit the museum and see the aircraft and displays.  If you have a military ID, you can visit the museum any time it is open.

1. Open events

Due to a recent enhancement of security at all US military installations, regularly scheduled “Open Event Days” are currently suspended. Special events such as guided tours and birthday parties which are scheduled with advance clearance are not affected by this change. We apologize for any inconvenience and will advise when the situation changes.

2. Guided tour

Guided tours are available year-round with advance notice. Because the museum is located on an active military base, at least ONE WEEK’S advanced booking is required for a security background check.

  • To cover tour arrangement costs, it’s requested that you give a tax deductible donation of $5 per person. Donations are paid upon arrival. We accept cash, check or credit card (VISA or Master Card)
  • One week advanced booking required for security background check
  • Available year round by appointment, weather permitting
  • Approximately 1.5 hours long